How it works

We are the first cooking lessons in London focused on Italian food, that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home!

Established in 2004 in London, the service was born from the simple idea that we all run very busy lives and that learning with other people, in fully equipped, professional kitchens, can be a “sterile” experience.

We firmly believe that cooking and learning how to do it is a pleasure that needs to be enjoyed at home!

Using your own tools, feeling comfortable that you can reproduce all those delicious dishes in the future.

Three simple steps

You will have a chef at your home, who will follow you personally in all the steps of the preparation of a fantastic meal, bringing all the necessary, fresh and locally sourced ingredients. 

1. YOU choose the menu that you want to learn

​2. WE buy all the ingredients and come to your home with everything that is necessary to cook a fantastic 3 course dinner

​3. TOGETHER we prepare dinner, that you will be able to taste with family and friends, after we leave you

Some additional details

Lessons are held in London, Zone 1 to 3. If you live very far away from a tube station or train station, we might ask for a contribution to travel expenses – our chefs are loaded with food, ingredients and tools, and it might be relatively painful for them if the commute requires a long walk. No worries, we will not come by limo, but you might want to contribute with a short taxi ride where necessary

Usually lessons are held during lunch time (from 11am) and dinner time (from 6pm). In average, they last a couple of hours. When everything is ready to be served, the chef will leave your home, so that you can enjoy your meal with family and friends. Get ready with candles and a good bottle of wine!

Your kitchen should be in full working order, with basic tools (pans, trays, chopping boards, good knives, a whisker etc) and some basic ingredients (extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, butter, white flour etc). We will get in touch with you before the lesson to double check. No worries, you will not have to head to John Lewis to stock plenty of new kitchen tools!

​We can provide wine to pair with your dinner – just ask!

We also obviously can provide entertainment during events (team bonding exercises) or large meals.