Price and menu

Lesson for one person at your home (includes food for two people): £140

​Lesson for two persons at your home (includes food for four people): £200

​Payments in cash at the day of the lesson or via bank transfer.

​We provide vouchers for birthdays or celebrations!

A few examples of our favourite menu. We have hundreds of recipes you can choose from, do not hesitate to contact us for your special menu!

Sicily my love

A menu focused on Sicilian flavours, including

​1. a first course of pasta (Pasta alla Norma, Pasta con le Sarde, Pasta coi Broccoli arriminati…)

​2. a main course (Involtini di pescespada, Bracioline alla Palermitana…)

​3. a rich dessert (Cassatella, Cubbiata…)

The best of Lombardia

​A menu that reminds us of north of Italy

1. a first course of pasta or risotto (risotto giallo alla Milanese, risotto ai funghi, risi e bisi)

​2. a main course (cotoletta milanese, ossobuco, modeghili)

​3. a rich dessert (tiramisu, pannacotta, meneghini)

All you can fish

Plenty of recipes based on fish, that is widely used in Italy,

​1. a first course of pasta or risotto (risotto alla pescatora, pasta con vongole, orecchiette ai gamberi…)

​2. a main course (pesce all’acqua pazza, sogliola alle mandorle, zuppa di pesce, calamari ripieni…)

​3. a rich dessert (zuppa inglese, crostata della nonna, chiacchiere…)